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The performer displays a small cylinder with a hole running through it. At the bottom of the hole a rubber band is threaded across the cylinder. A small plunger with a hook at one end and a knob or cap at the other is pushed into the cylinder, and twisted by the performer, apparently threading the rubber band over the hook. When the cap is pulled out and released, the plunger snaps back into the cylinder by the action of the elastic. Having demonstrated this once or twice, the performer hands this over to a spectator to try. No matter how much he tries, the spectator just cannot thread the elastic band over the hook! Ours is tooled from wood, and measures approx. 3.5" long with cap.
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The Magician shows two small ropes. They become one long rope. The rope has two ends, then THREE, then FOUR. A knot is tied in the long rope and two more knots appear. One surprise after another! Complete instructions. Easy to do.

This prop has become a classic of Magic. In full view of the audience the wand wilts and hangs in a broken condition. The Magician commands it to restore and the wand immediately becomes rigid again. This item is normally used with a spectator from the audience. You give them the wand and it breaks in their hands. You can then take the wand back, restore it, and repeat the whole thing again, as a running gag. An invaluable comedy aid in your Magic shows.


A cigarette, postage stamp or match stick is placed on top of a playing card. Suddenly the object levitates off the card and floats in the air! Another card is placed between the card and the object, and it remains floating! Slowly it sinks down onto the card where it can immediately be handed out for examination. Entirely self-contained and easy to do.
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The Magician openly displays three separate ropes, each being a different colour. The ropes are tied into three separate rings & tossed into the air, and visibly becomes one long multi-coloured ring of rope. Completely self-working, this would make a great addition to any Magic act. Includes special rope and detailed routine.

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