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For those of you who own the popular "Needle through Balloon" effect, here’s the perfect holder for your needle. A special wand measuring approximately 18" long by 1/2" diameter, that not only can be used as a magic wand if you so wish, but it also serves as a carrying case to transport and store your needle - as well as keeping it from prying hands and in good condition. Better yet, it lubricates your needle each time you remove it from the wand. This makes the penetration of the balloon a little smoother. Let’s face it, anything that can give you an edge helps! All you need to do is to load your needle into the wand and it is safe and protected without fear of accidentally dulling the point. A must have!
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This effect was considered good enough by one of Britain's top Magicians to open with during a T.V. performance, to an audience of millions of viewers around the world. With very little effort you can now put it into your act. The basic effect is an amazing solid through solid penetration. A silk handkerchief is knotted on a length of rope, then plucked off the rope, and it comes free. The effect is extremely convincing. Both the rope and silk can be examined, as these are not gimmicked. No magnets, snap fasteners or Velcro is used. The silk is cleanly knotted on the rope in front of the audience, and when knotted can be shown freely to demonstrate it goes around the rope. You pluck the silk and it comes right off the rope, with the knot intact on the silk. Everything can immediately be handed over to the audience for inspection. If you are willing to spend 15 to 20 minutes to learn a simple move, you can present this amazing and highly visual penetration effect. We supply complete detailed and illustrated instructions to enable you to master this with a minimum of effort. You can use this in a solo act holding one end of the rope under your foot, and the other end in your mouth, or with volunteers from the audience holding the two ends of the rope. You get a length rope, an 18" silk, and illustrated details of the working.
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A magazine floating between the handsA utility gimmick with uses limited only by your imagination. Now you can cause a ball, bottle, or glass etc. . . to float between your open hands. No strings threads or wires - this is a clean method that accomplishes the impossible. Works with any object that has a smooth surface. Includes gimmick and instructions. Very easy to use.
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Three ropes of different lengths are freely shown. A Magic pass and they Magically change to three ropes of equal lengths. Just as fast, they change back to different lengths again . This is of course the "unequal ropes", but now thanks to Myles Sinclair's new handling for this classic, it looks like real magic!
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With this set up, two coins go in, and one coin comes out. Effect a bare-hand vanish, use a silk handkerchief or small box...there are so many applications for this utility prop AND it’s easy-to-do!

Available in two versions. 10p - 2p or £1.00 - 1p
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First performed by Ken Brooke at the Glasgow convention it got YELLS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Everybody said, "This is the funniest routine for many a long day". The Magician notices a small piece of rope hanging from his coat sleeve. He pulls it out and keeps on pulling until more than 30 feet of rope is around him. It gets stuck and he finds the other end up his TROUSER he pulls again. The rope now goes up his coat sleeve and out the OTHER trouser leg. He keeps on pulling until the original end of the rope disappears up his coat sleeve and continues to come forth from his trouser leg. All of a sudden the rope gets stuck again. This time the other end is found in the OTHER TROUSER LEG...Pulling on this end the rope goes back up the one trouser leg and out the other trouser leg. Finally, as the end disappears up the first trouser leg, it gets stuck again. He gives it a hard tug but this time, in pulling the rope clear...out comes his shorts! It's a SCREAM...Ready in a few minutes...can be performed anytime, anywhere...even surrounded close-up. No sleight of hand. Complete with all necessary apparatus and illustrated instructions to work right away. This is a real winner. If it's comedy you're after, you can't buy better.

Two examined golden rings magically attract in an amazing demonstration of “Mind-Over-Matter”. No thumbtip is required. Holding one of the rings in your fingertips and using your mental powers, join the other ring to it, which you can spin. All can be handed out immediately following your mystical routine! Don’t be fooled by the price, this is great pocket magic with fantastic impact.
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