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You've heard of dental floss, well here is mental floss. A very funny sight gag as you thread a piece of string through one ear and out the other. The string is pulled from side to side. use anytime during the act for that zany off-the-wall bit of fun!


A swollen thumb being struck by a foam hammerNext time you get your thumb caught in your drawer box, case or any other prop, you can use this gag to show them the end result! Hilarious cartoon type gag, measures approx. 5-6" long, cut to fit. Just imagine the reaction from the guys at the club when you show them your new TT!!! (Magicians will know what TT refers to)
Enter Quantity:   £2.00    

A needle pushed through a balloonYou can't beat an effect that is impossible, and such an effect is "Needle thru Balloon". Spectator blows up an ordinary balloon, ties it and gives it to the performer. The performer takes a long metal needle with a ribbon at the end and OPENLY sticks the point in at one end and pushes it through to the other end of the balloon. Everyone can see the needle going through (it really does!). Needle is removed, balloon is tossed into the air and popped. Everything included.
Enter Quantity:   £12.00    

The Magician holds a small piece of rope in his hand. By pulling on the two ends of the rope, it is suddenly seen to double in length. The Magician continues to stretch the rope, which grows longer all the time until it is several metres in length. Comes complete with rope and full detailed Instructions. Easy to do.
Enter Quantity:   £10.00    

Picture of small boy climbing rope coming from basketGreat for audiences of any age! More like a flick book than a traditional colouring book, it features 6 changes and tells a great story about the Indian Rope Trick. Starting with famous international land marks, you, being a magician, choose India as that is where the Indian Rope Trick was invented. Each successive change shows the rope floating up into the clouds, a small boy climbing it, the Fakir (Indian magician!) follows him, they all fall down but that’s OK, as it’s just magic - at which point you do your final flick through showing all the pages blank. All colour, extremely well made.
Enter Quantity:   £12.00    

Spring Flowers BookletYou’ll find a garden of mystery blooms in every chapter of this valuable book. Every magic shop in the world carries the little packet of paper & strings that quickly become a beautiful bouquet. This book gives you many ideas for new spring flower effects to add that exciting display of colour to your act.

As well as covering the basics of how to store and care for these items, the three main classics, Flowers from Cone, Gloves to Bouquet and Blooming News are all detailed. The booklet then goes on to teach a further sixteen amazing effects.
Enter Quantity:   £3.50    

Three loops of ropes linked togetherOne of the greatest rope tricks in magic today. Imagine working the linking ring effect with ropes! Three lengths of rope are used. Spectators tie them in loops. You take these loops and proceed to link and unlink them in a most baffling manner. At the finish hand the ropes back, let spectators untie them and see they are ordinary. This can be a feature of any show! Use same ropes over and over again. Made from our own great rope to a very high standard. Easy to do.
Enter Quantity:   £15.00    

Flash Paper Book CoverThis booklet starts by teaching you everything you need to know in order to use this product safely. A step by step blueprint is given so that you can't go wrong.

From Magic City Library of Magic in the U.S. and edited by Leo Behnke, it then takes you from the basics through 18 different knock-out routines using flash paper.

A must have book if you are considering using flash paper, or are looking for new ideas that you can use.
Enter Quantity:   £5.00    

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