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Long piece of paper containg the word HabitA long strip of paper bearing the word "HABIT" is shown. The letter "H" is torn off leaving the words, "A BIT" on the paper. The letter "A" is torn off leaving only a "BIT" in your hand, the "B" is torn off leaving "IT" and the torn pieces are all held together and when unfolded, the paper is fully restored!
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A bunch of spring flowers held in the handA bunch of 25 spring flowers for tricks like paper to flowers, balloon to flowers, etc. Use with production props like the Dove Pan, Change Bag, Crystal Casket and many more.

Its uses are limited only by your imagination.
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Large ticket with Chinese writingTear up the Chinese laundry ticket and hold the pieces together for a moment. A Magic pass is made, then the ticket is opened and shown to be fully restored. Great pocket trick. Easy to do.
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