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A picture of the Zodiac cards with cordA complete sell-out at every convention since 1993. Created by Myles Sinclair, and featured by Terry Seabrooke in his lecture, a chosen star sign (unknown to the Magician) is mixed into a pack of Zodiac cards. The cards are then threaded onto a golden cord. Suddenly the chosen card penetrates the cord and is left being held by the spectator. Everything can be examined before and after. No re-setting required, which makes this a table-hoppers dream. These are a new laminated version, with their own distinctive blue star back design.
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A spectator freely selects their star sign from a packet of Zodiac cards. The card is placed to one side. The remaining cards are shown to have a red coloured spot on the back. When the spectator turns over their card, it is seen to be the only card with a green spot! No rough and smooth. Easy to do.
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A picture of a row of Zodiac cardsThis is the perfect mentalist effect. The performer shows two decks of Zodiac cards. One deck is placed on the table and a spectator tells the performer how to rearrange the cards. Even though the spectator mixed the order of his deck, when the cards from both decks are dealt face-up, the performer's deck is seen to be a perfect match - card for card! Based on a Paul Curry idea and a winner! Easy. Complete with 2 packs of Zodiac cards, wallet and instructions.
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We get so many requests for sets of our popular Zodiac cards on their own, so here they are for use with your own routines. No instructions, just the cards!
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Here is the trick that inspired Ton Onasaka's "Mirage" and took the Magic world by storm. The Magician has the Five of Diamonds selected. This is handed to a spectator who holds the card face down in his outstretched hand. The Magician shows a transparent piece of plastic, the size of a Jumbo card. This is described as special X-Ray film. The plastic sheet is passed over the hand of the spectator. SUDDENLY in BOLD WHITE PRINT is a picture of the chosen card, the five of diamonds. The card on the spectator's hand is turned over, it is indeed the five of diamonds. But wait, it has transformed into a white five of diamonds against a black background.
Please note, there are no switches. The transparent sheet you show at the beginning is the same as the one you have at the end.

Unavailable since 2007 this is now back in stock as a limited edition. This is one of those tricks that you'll play with in front of the mirror, and you won't believe your own eyes.

Not to be missed, this item is great not only in close-up but the special transparent jumbo card lends itself to stand-up routines as well. Available exclusively from Magical Wonders
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Absolutely beautiful black cotton sateen material, decorated with rich gold stars and crescent moons.

Measures 55" wide by 1 metre long.

This is a stunning magical looking fabric which can be used for back drops, curtains, costumes, wizard hats, change bags, and a host of other magic props.

Exclusive to Magical Wonders.
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A spectator is asked by the magician to cup his hands together. He is then given three very large white cubes. (appx 1" cube) The magician explains that this is his latest invention, Low Calorie Sugar! With the story line about a friend trying without success to cut down on his sugar, two lumps repeatedly become three. Finally he gave up, took up golf, at which point the three sugar lumps transform into a figure FOUR!

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Handing out your business card will never be the same again! Using Card Sparkle is a nifty little display of mind magic that appears completely impromptu! The performer opens up a little plastic wallet to hand out a business card. He points out that on the side of the wallet opposite his business cards is an unusual card which has three different coloured rhinestones attached in a row. He asks the spectator to merely think of one of the colours. After a slight pause the performer feels that he may have gotten the colour wrong and asks the spectator to change his mind. The spectator is then asked to name his final selection. The performer then shows that he knew beforehand the colour that would be selected. Easy to do! All you need supply is your business card!

"I use this all the time! Itís a great way to leave your details at the table!"

John Star
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A Magical Wonders exclusive, this is a superb item for your children's shows.

Based on one of Aesop's fables, this magic story is about a group of mice that are being bullied by a local cat. After holding a meeting to discuss how to solve the problem, the mice agree that one of them should tie a bell around the cat's neck. That way they would always hear the cat creeping up on them, and give them time to make a run for it.

A great solution, but which of the mice will be brave enough to tie the bell and ribbon to the cat's neck?

This is where the magic comes in. With the aid of his invisibilty cloak, Marvin the magic mouse is able to rescue the situation. Just before midnight he leaves his little house and dons his magic cloak. Taking a bell , along with a piece of ribbon he casts a magic spell......

Suddenly the cloak is shown empty, and Marvin, along with the bell and ribbon have vanished! The cat is now shown to be wearing the bell around its neck. But where is Marvin? Lifting up the door to his house, he is shown to be back inside, safe and sound!

This is a great story with great props that kids will love, and you will love to perform. This is so exclusive that only one is being made available. You won't be hearing the words "I've seen it" with this trick! This will set you apart from other magicians who are all doing the same tricks, and gain you a great reputation with the parents as well as children!

There is only one available, so to avoid having to make multiple refunds the "buy" button has been removed . To order this item, simply send an email with "Belling the Cat" in the subject line. A Paypal invoice will then be sent to you. Shipping for this item comes to £8.45. Total inclusive cost £128.45
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The prop Sausages held between the handsHere is an old favourite made new again! Originated by Chum Sherrif and brought to magic by Eddie Songest, our 4" x 4" version was constructed with advice from the late Billy McComb, and comes with his terrific routine. The performer displays a long strip of cards each bearing a letter that are neatly joined together, spelling the word "SAUSAGES". By manipulating the hinges, many hilarious combinations of the letters are shown, each one bringing more laughs than the last! The climax ending has been changed from the original by Billy and will bring spontaneous applause from your audience! These are silk screened with matt varnish finish for easy cleaning and are printed black on white for high visibility - can be seen in the largest theatre, yet equally suitable for close-up. Entirely mechanical, always ready to work, you can do it anywhere at anytime and can be fit into your existing routine with ease. Easy to do!
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A newspaper torn into piecesEveryone has seen the torn and restored newspaper trick at one time or another during their Magical career. Many methods have been invented and performed, but this Slydini version, as performed by Terry Seabrooke, is easier and more practical than most. The Magician tears up several sheets of the local newspaper and places all the pieces together for a moment, and then suddenly restores the paper in a flash. VERY FAST. Highly recommended. We’ve photographed Seabrooke up close & over his shoulder so that you can clearly see each step of the routine in complete detail, including the set-up. Newspaper, ready to go is included.
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The magician shows a penny and a matchbox which he opens and shows the matches inside. Next, he places the penny on the spectator’s hand, and covers it with the matchbox. With a wave of his hand, the magician lifts the box up revealing that the penny has vanished! The matchbox is then opened, and there nestled in the matches is the penny! Instructions included.
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