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Three wooden discs, bag and predictionA Deddy Corbuzier effect in which you remove a small piece of paper and three wooden disks from a jute bag. Each disk has a simple geometric shape on one side. The helper mixes up the disks and then places them face down on the table. The helper now chooses one disk for himself, one for the performer, and one to be put back into the bag. The choices are always up to the helper and they may change their mind before they commit to the selections. When all is done, the small folded paper is now opened to reveal a completely accurate prediction as to where all three symbols are located! A terrible reminder that the choices we make may not always be our own! No switches or sleights involved, all may be examined...very clever and easy to do.
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Also known as nail writers or Swami, these gimmicks are the most powerful tools a magician or mentalist can use. It’s really very difficult to believe that with such a little and inexpensive gimmick you can produce the quantity and quality of effects that look like real miracles. With the help of this subtle device you can write letters, numbers, check marks, etc. surreptitiously in front of the audience giving the impression it was written before the effect or event. It gives you plenty of possibilities including: predictions, mind reading, mind control, guessing, spirit writing and Occult communication. Several types of models have been developed including the under nail Swami Gimmick, Clip Nail, Band Writer and Eric Mason’s Boon Writer. This model from Vernet is housed inside a short TT (magicians will know what this is!) and uses a changeable pencil lead measuring 2mm. Easy to use, comes with complete instructions, ideas for use and a bibliography for the serious student.


ESP cards held in the handDuke University type E.S.P. Deck with star backs. Attractive looking AND they are already marked for use in your mental effects.

Probably the most simple mental feat ever devised, yet one of the most effective. Three cards are placed on the table face-up. One has a red spot, one a yellow spot and the last a blue spot. Spectator now makes an ABSOLUTELY FREE CHOICE of one colour. He can even change his mind. No matter which colour is chosen, the Magician produces a prediction that matches the chosen colour. PREDICTION IS IN FULL VIEW OF AUDIENCE DURING ENTIRE EFFECT. Everything you need is included.
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The performer shows four rectangular metal rods with different numbers on all sides. The spectator is invited to mix the rods and assemble them in any order they wish and total the numbers on a calculator. The performer calls the total of the numbers even before the spectator has managed to enter a single number on the calculator! This can be repeated, each time with a different result, because mathematically, there are 6,144 different totals possible with the same rods! The effect can be performed with either 1, 2, 3 or all 4 rods so the presentation can build to a great climax! The basic effect is of a human calculator. However, this new improved version can also be performed as a feat of clairvoyance, by predicting the totals on the reverse side of the logs even before the numbers to be totaled are seen by you or the spectator! Nicely made props, easy to do, many routines possible.


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