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Myles Sinclair

At four-years of age, Myles Sinclair eagerly awaited summer season in Herne Bay, Kent. Across from his parents' guest house, he would marvel at the likes of “Smokey the Clown” & “Uncle Colin”, the magicians who performed along the seaside boardwalk. More than anything, he wanted to be a magician.

Five years later found Sinclair hunched over books like “How to do Card Tricks and Entertain People” by Harry Barron at the Library in Watford, Hertfordshire, where his family had moved from Herne Bay.

Years of intense study followed and Myles began to build his own magic props. With the assistance of his late father Frederick, an engineer, he made his own Mirror Boxes, Silk Tubes, and an incredible set of card plaques tooled from stainless steel.

At age 15, Watford Association of Magicians bent their rules and, after a rigorous audition, admitted Myles as a member. At the same time, he worked with Alec Bailey who gave him a spot in his show. He performed such miracles as the Egg Bag, Silk Production, Magic Washing, Professors Nightmare - all homemade.

Sinclairs first solo professional performance wasn't until 1970, when he performed a full hour of magic (some 22 effects!) for Odhams Printing Company's Christmas party. He also performed an illusion act with his sister, Dahna, who suffered such effects as Jack Hughes' Homicide Act, Sawing a Girl, and the Girl in Bag Escape. Years of private and children's parties as well as corporate and business performances followed, forming a solid knowledge of routining and performance values.

Myles Sinclair has been a member of Watford Association of Magicians for 42 years. He served as Chairman from 1990 to 1995, won the Gil Leaney Shield in 1974 and again in 1994. He's also won the Jubilee Cup in 1972 for the Best Card Act and the E.J. Crook Cup for Close-Up Magic in 1994. His influences have been Tom Angus, Alec Bailey, Frank Curly and David Nixon, among many others.

An inventor and creator of magic, Myles founded Magical Wonders in 1985. He's invented items and routines such as: The 21st Century Scissors, The 21st Century Compass (see-through), The 21st Century Card Trick, The Impossible Bottle Routine (not yet released), The Zodiac Cards, The Zodiac ESP, Zodiac Brainwave, and The Psychic Light. Many of the items have been sold internationally and distributed by noted retailers such as Jeff Busby, Hank Lee and H&R Magic Books. Magical Wonders is the exclusive publisher of Jules Leniers writings, and several of Billy McComb's booklets and card effects.

His lecture, From the Sublime to the Meticulous, in which Myles talks about creating and building magic, has taken him all around England, Ireland, Portugal and the United States. In his current lecture, Sinclair's Sorcery, he offers tips, and demonstrates how many of his Magical Wonders devices are made. He also includes a brand new move entitled Unequal Ropes Outdone, which intrigued John Racherbaumer so much that he requested special instruction!

Sinclair's magic expertise is not limited to performing or inventing new products - he has served as magical advisor and supplier to the Royal Shakespeare Company, Christian Dior cosmetics, WTC Corporation, Triangle Productions in Los Angeles, California and in March of 2000 was involved in a “think tank” with members of the NASA educational team.

A Life Member of The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle), Myles has performed in full naval uniform as Commander Sinclair, R.N. This act has appeared in Hollywood, Ireland, Portugal and the U.K.

These days Myles divides his time between researching new ideas, developing new products and sharing his expertise with other magicians.

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