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The ball is put under the cup and it appears and vanishes, is found in your pocket, under the cup again, turns into a obeys all of your commands! The precision construction and the apparatus furnished with the 3.5" shiny metal cup make it all easy to do. An excellent close-up trick, for small shows, living rooms, pubs, etc. Complete with routine and apparatus.

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The performer shows four rectangular metal rods with different numbers on all sides. The spectator is invited to mix the rods and assemble them in any order they wish and total the numbers on a calculator. The performer calls the total of the numbers even before the spectator has managed to enter a single number on the calculator! This can be repeated, each time with a different result, because mathematically, there are 6,144 different totals possible with the same rods! The effect can be performed with either 1, 2, 3 or all 4 rods so the presentation can build to a great climax! The basic effect is of a human calculator. However, this new improved version can also be performed as a feat of clairvoyance, by predicting the totals on the reverse side of the logs even before the numbers to be totalled are seen by you or the spectator! Nicely made props, easy to do, many routines possible.

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This particular version is branded as a Swap Wallet, it enables you to change cards, envelopes, currency notes, paper slips etc., and has many uses. Leather look wallet comes complete with instructions and many presentation ideas.

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The magician deals six cards face down onto the table. Using a pen he taps each card in turn and invites a spectator to call stop at any point. The other cards are then turned over to show that they are E.S.P. type symbols and placed to one side. The chosen card is revealed which is found to match the prediction which is written on the pen that has been in view throughout the routine. No force, no switching - the spectator REALLY does have a FREE CHOICE of card.

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The beautiful art of card fanning is made easy with this very special deck. As you spread the cards, the unusual printed designs seem to change in an endless display of vibrant colours. As a grand climax, the cards are once again fanned and a colourful dragon appears. This special deck is a perfect presentation for any card manipulator!

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You’ll find a garden of mystery blooms in every chapter of this valuable book. Every magic shop in the world carries the little packet of paper & strings that quickly become a beautiful bouquet. This book gives you many ideas for new spring flower effects to add that exciting display of colour to your act.

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From Goshman this nice little sponge item works like the ‘Ball to Square’, ‘Growing Ball’ and ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. You show a 1.5" sponge ball, and give the audience a choice on how they wish it to vanish.."visibly", or "invisibly?" Regardless of the answer, you put the ball into your pocket saying, "it’s vanished!" As the audience is not too impressed, you volunteer to do it again. This time, you slowly push the ball into your fist and a 6" tall bunny rabbit appears!!! Easy to do, self contained, quick reset.

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This is an off-beat and different close-up effect which can be presented with a social message.

The performer displays a small pill box. He opens it and displays a yellow pill or tablet, which seems to fill the entire box. This he says is an "upper" or a pick up tablet for spells of depression. He removes the tablet from the box, closes it, and apparently swallows it. The problem with "uppers" he explains, is that sometimes they over-act, leaving the person nervous and wired. So, the logical follow-up is a "downer" to calm down. The pill box is opened and now there is a pink tablet inside. This is removed, the empty box closed, and the tablet apparently swallowed. The performer now patters to the effect that the "downer" brings back the depression and an "upper" seems the only logical solution...

The appearance and disappearance of the tablets can be repeated as many times as your routine requires. Finally, you take one of the tablets from the box, leaving it empty and put it in your pocket. The box is opened again and the alternate tablet appears, and this too is put in your pocket. When the box is opened one more time, there is a message inside, which can be serious or funny depending on your style.

Comes with complete apparatus, a selections of pre-printed messages (or make your own), routine and instructions.

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This booklet written by Ron Frost a professional performer, inventor, writer, and lecturer of Magic, is a compilation of some of his favourite effects from his lecture utilizing wax.

Unfortunately, many magicians overlook the tremendous applications of wax in magic. It is probably the most useful of all the accessories that are available to magicians. Great for beginners, but plenty here for the seasoned pro.

Ten routines included. For Magical Wonders customers, a small piece of wax is included to get you started!

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This effect is also known as "Puzzled." Two red Kings are shown. They are passed through the hand and they turn black, or vice-versa. The audience accuses you of having four cards and they are right. You then show the cards to be the four Aces, front and back!

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Two examined golden rings magically attract in an amazing demonstration of "Mind-Over-Matter". No thumbtip is required. Holding one of the rings in your fingertips and using your mental powers, join the other ring to it, which you can spin. All can be handed out immediately following your mystical routine! Don’t be fooled by the price, this is great pocket magic with fantastic impact.

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The magician shows a small cylinder into which he inserts a cigarette. He explains that he has developed a new gadget to help cut down on smoking. On tipping out the contents of the capsule, the audience can see that the cigarette is now miniaturised! Great effective magic, visual and self-working.

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The magician shows a black box, which he opens and from it removes a red box. He opens this box, closes the black box and puts it inside the red one! IMPOSSIBLE! How is it that they fit inside each other, but are the exact same size? Invented by Luber Fiedler, a number ideas are possible from kids to adult routines.

Measures approx 1.25" cube The picture shows the boxes with a 50p piece.

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Finally, an updated book using this great deck of cards. Again a revision of the Al Stevenson book with over 70 new entries and modern effects totalling 110!!! New moves by Magic Ian never seen with this deck in an easy to read format. Selected card is found to rise to the top of the deck, new “any card” selection can be found using a new locator technique, and much more!

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